Product Features:


All products are precision reproductions manufactured in Australia from modern materials which resist cracking and fading.They are brand new. UV resistant.

Each component is hand made in small quantities.

The original components are considered wear items and previously almost impossible to source as new.

Care is taken to include the identical split lines and the exact injection point, just as Ford made the original components many years ago.

Very difficult to distinguish from the NOS Ford part.

Please note: Prices outside of Australia will vary from time to time according to international currency exchange rates.

We are currently specialising in the reproduction of small rubber components for Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts not previously available as high quality replications.

Discounts apply for quantity bulk purchases.

Some delays to ship may be needed pending stocks in hand, production schedules, and material availabilities.

If delays to ship are expected will be discussed when ordering.



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Mk1 Escort.

The First Generation.

Manufacture dates January 1968 to December 1974.

Mk2 Escort.

The Second Generation.

Manufacture dates January 1975 to August 1980.

Mk1 Capri.

The First Generation of Capri.

Manufacture dates 1969 to 1972.

Mk1 Cortina.

The First Generation of Cortina.

Manufacture dates 1962 to 1966.





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