Peter Lytton Reproduction Car Components.


Making The Unobtainable, Obtainable.



In our ongoing quest to service and maintain our aging cars we are continually led to an increasingly difficult problem.


The limited supply of difficult to source components.


Often New Old Stock components are no longer available, reproduction components are not available, and the components we already have are well worn.


This presents a problem: How do we continue to keep our cars in good road worthy condition?


For those of us that present our cars to club shows and concourses the problem is only magnified.


This website, and the aim of the project is to make the unobtainable, obtainable.


Often reproduction components have not been made available by existing suppliers.


Often the reproduction components that are available have not been correctly manufactured.


It is our goal to specialise in the reproduction of components that have not previously been reproduced, or accurately reproduced.


The reproduction products we manufacture have been copied from OEM components of good quality, and preferably, where possible, of known history.


Each new component represents highly accurate and reliable reproduction including accurate choice of materials,


size, weight, softness, hardness, feel, appearance & colour.


During the designing and manufacture of the tooling for each new component special care is made to adhere exactly to the original mould and


tooling split lines and injection points of the original component, surface finishes, and any other details that make the component unique.


This philosophy guarrantees the components are accurately replicated.


The goal is to manufacture components that are difficult or impossible to distinguish when compared to the OEM components when they were brand new.




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Peter Lytton.
















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